Project 1

Flame testing equipment with leak detection inside lab

Project Description :

Flammable gases with controlled pressure and flow enters flame testing equipment and tested periodically. For safe handling leak detecting sensors are installed inside the lab so that whenever environment is enriched with undesired excessive flammable gas (considering LEL level), the solenoid value closes the gas line with audio-visual alarm. We design and install turn-key facility as per the requirement

Project 2

Hot oxidation setup

Project Description :

Scientific research requires complex testing conditions and various equipment’s integrated with utmost precision and safety for conducting experiments. Equipment and accessories provided should be of high Quality, accuracy & precision. The laboratory facility was installed with High temperature furnace (1000 deg. C), steam generator, compressor with dryer, various Gas inputs through Manifold fitted with Pressure Regulator and required Flow controller as well condenser at the outlet. Proper SS tubing ensure safe handling of gases. We design and install turn-key facility as per the requirement.

Project 3

Hydrogen Dryer System

Project Description :

Hydrogen dryer system with online dew point transmitter. Hydrogen Gas is generated by process of electrolysis of water, and hydrogen produced with this method has high content of moisture .For some applications this is not desired and hence the need for removal of moisture from gas. This is achieved by a pressure swing adsorption cycle run with the help of Programmed Logic controls (PLC) integrated with hardware like solenoid valves and pressure switches with sufficient safety interlock. We design and install turn-key facility as per the requirement

Project 4

Gas distribution system including manifold and Cylinder storage shed

Project Description :

Gas manifold in cylinder storage shed can be installed for various gases e.g,: LPG, CH4, N2 & AR cylinders in a particular project fitted with Isolation valve, Ball valve, Safety relief valve, double stage pressure regulator etc. Use only approved valves, regulators, manifolds, and tubing ensures safe handling of gases. This particular project had 400 mt. of SS tubing drawn. We also undertake Periodic maintenance through AMC for continuous operation with zero time loss. We design and install turn-key facility as per the requirement