Lighting Industry Gas Mixture

We offer premium Lighting Gas Mixture is used in industries for multiple applications. Lighting Gas Mixtures, provided by us, are properly packaged in leak-proof cylinders and we make sure that these are quality-tested before dispatch. Our Lighting Gas Mixture is available at competitive rates.

Lighting Gas is used in multiple applications which are used in multiple industrial applications. The main idea is to transport gas through the installation of pipe towards the place where the consumption takes place and further used in lighting gas lamps which is used for illumination. Ranging from flow meters and delivery systems, to generators or regulators, the company offers a complete carrying line of gas handling equipment in order to help you maximize the productivity of certain industry. The product is offered in different quantity and the as per the requirement of the application they are needed for. Lighting Gas has 20 % of neon and 25 % of argon. Moreover the cost efficiency is one of the major factor that influences the demand of the product in the markets.

10%, 50%, 75% Argon in Neon


Neon - 10-20% + Argon Balance


80%, 98% Argon in Hydrogen


Krypton 10% + Argon Balance


Argon 25% + Krypton Balance


Krypton 74% + Neon 25% + Argon Balance