Laser Gas Mixture


Laser Gas Mixture that we offer is highly processed using advanced technologies and is suitable for various industrial applications. We make sure that our Laser Gas Mixtures go through a stringent quality-check before delivering to the customers. We provide Laser Gas Mixture at market leading rates.

Laser gas mixture is often used for metal cutting as well as for welding comprising of carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers. Making use of the carbon dioxide gas that is mixed along with helium accompanied by nitrogen to ease the generation of the laser radiation. One may come across different types of gases in the context of laser. Gas lasers using many gases such which prove to be highly efficient for many purposes. Laser gas mixture has the ability to emit hundreds of kilowatts at nominal of 9.6 µm and 10.6 µm, and is often used in industry for task like cutting and welding. It has excellent efficiency which is more than 10%. Any given material or surface is melted by the laser beam and is further flushed out by a nonreactive gas stream. Laser gas mixture can certainly protect the lens from fumes and spatter.

CO2 4.5% + N2 13.5% + Helium Balance


CO 2-4% + CO2 6-8% + N2 6-8% + Helium Balance


H2 4% + N2 5% + CO2 15% + Helium Balance


H2 0.4 + CO 4% + CO2 8% + N2 8% + Helium Balance


Neon 8.3-20% + Helium Balance


CO2 5% + N2 34% + Helium 61%


CO2 5% + N2 55.52% + Helium Balance


CO2 1.6% + N2 23.6% + Helium 74.8