Gas Manifold

Gas Manifolds are the finely and precisely designed to serve the smooth performance offering high strength in the oil and gas industries. These are largely used for the proportionate distribution of gases as well as fluids. The design of these manifolds are specially designed to converge the multiple junctions into individual or single channel or even diverge into a single channel from or into multiple junctions. The manifolds are straight, metal tubes which directs the gas from various other main gas valves leading them to the burners. The nozzles of these Gas manifolds also are meant to be cleaned regularly so that the fuel jets of the burner can flow like they are assigned to. Moreover, these manifolds are robust and also rust proof that confirms their durability factor.

Gas Manifold Technical Details:

  • Automation Grade : Semi-Automatic
  • Surface Treatment : Galvanized
  • Material : Steel
  • Finish : Coated
  • Display : Analog