Calibration Gas Mixture

The prime product of Chemix Speciality Gases and Equipments is Calibration Gas Mixture. Methods followed are gravimetric filling according to ISO 6142 where the components are added sequentially making use of traceable weights and improvised manometer according to the ISO 6146. GC and direct analysis methods according to the IS, ISO and ASTM standards are utilized in labs for analysis. ISO 17025 (NABL) is followed for maintaining lab. ISO 6141-2015 is followed for certification.

Mixtures Tracebility

Customers get a calibration certificate compliant to ISO 6141 along with the Calibration Gas Mixtures. The strict quality approach enables us to trace every mixture back to its original filling data. The data includes cylinders identification, production method, actual weight of component and results of  chromatographic analysis. On regular basis, pressure gauges, weighing scales and other measuring devices are calibrated against traceable weights and certified master gauges respectively. The gas compositions are also analyzed traceable to NPL/ NIST references.


Preparation Tolerance is the max. allowed difference between the actual concentration provided and  requested nominal concentration.


The Certification Accuracy is the accuracy of the utilized instruments and method carried out for analysis and certification. Standard uncertainty is also measured whenever required.


Final Pressure of the supplied gas is based on the vapor pressure of the component as well as its concentrations. The company supplies at maximum pressure permissible for a specific composition of gases in a provided container.


The company guarantees homogeneity of the gas mixtures maintains stability during the particular time duration. For achieving stability, it is important to select the right cylinder and follow right cylinder preparation.

Customers can get from the company two components calibration gas mixtures to multi components mixtures.