3-Component Gas Mixtures


3-Component Gas Mixtures

3-Component Gas Mixtures have a mixture of multiple ideal gases which are present in equal percentage or amounts. As the pressure of the gas mixtures depends on the total number of particles of gas present, therefore the total pressure of the mixture will simply get doubled the pressure of either components. More or less, the total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases at any given temperature or volume is the total sum of the pressures exerted by an individual gas present in the mixture. Furthermore, if we are aware of the volume, temperature, and the number of moles of each gas in a mixture, then we surely can calculate the pressure which is exerted by an individual gas, that is its partial pressure. Pressure the 3-Component Gas Mixtures would exert if it were the only one present.

Our product list contains 85 different compositions of 3-Component Gas Mixtures. Few examples listed below

Benzene 50ppb + Acetaldehyde 500 ppb + Nitrogen Balance


Diethyl Ether (C4H10O) 3% + Biogas ( CO2 + CH4 )  Balance


Formaldehyde 0.5% - 1.0% + Ethane 1.0% + Nitrogen Balance


Methane 1.0% + Sulphur Hexafluoride 12.0 %  + Nitrogen  Balance


Nitric Oxide 50-75ppm + Nitrogen Dioxide 75-100ppm + Nitrogen Balance


NOX 1662ppm + Sulphur Dioxide 3982ppm + Nitrogen Balance


Propane 1ppm + Methane 10ppm + Nitrogen Balance